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Balanced Culture

  • We believe that company culture is like two sides of a coin - Human and Operations. The key to building a more engaged and productive workplace, is balancing these—balancing what we do with how we do it.
  • The human side includes feelings, communications and values. The operational side includes everything that is not distinctively human, such as equipment and processes.
  • The human side carries the why and how of culture. The operationalside, contains what we do. People’s attitudes are more affected by how things are done than by what is done.


Our prime focus will be customer satisfaction. We’re passionate about our customers success, delighting them with the quality of our service. Put the customer FIRST by practicing productivity, efficiency and excellence.

Great place to work

There’s an exciting range of challenging opportunities at Simply Grameen. We respect  and recognise individuals skills and contribution.

Champion of Corporate Social Responsibility

We put the ideals of corporate social responsibility into practice. We work to support the communities in which we operate and enhance our impact by being partners of corporates with similar vision.

Professionalism coupled with rural values

We strive to marry professionalism with the great Indian rural values of honesty and simplicity. We will set the right expectations and eliminate surprises by communicating effectively to build trust with our stakeholders.

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